Our Services

We help impoverished and rural communities to build clinics that comprise of:

  • A Primary Health Care Facility for the local community,
  • A Home for Disabled Children, and
  • Green technology.

Each clinic will have two main components: an open door primary health care component (similar to a standard family practice in the U.S.), and a home component for disabled children (blind, mute, mentally, or physically).

There are no medical services readily available to the poorest of poor. Many families do not have the resources to take care of their children; this is especially if their child has a disability.

Peter’s Clinic aims to create a place where families can find basic goods – aspirins, vitamins, and nutritional supplements. Just as imperative, we also hope to create a place where children with disabilities can learn and grow and become productive citizens.

Peter’s Clinic is also aware of the impact building has on developing countries. Each clinic Peter’s Clinic builds will be specific to its location; we will only make environmentally safe clinics in these beautiful rural areas of Vietnam. Not only will these clinics generate electricity, Peter’s Clinics will also be able to recycle water.

Medical Home



Our Services [in Vietnam]

Vietnam is ranked 113 out of 169 countries on its human development index, and the World Bank defines Vietnam as a low income economy (United Nations Development Programme, 2010). This rank can be explained in part by some sectors of the population―particularly the rural poor and ethnic minorities―not equally benefiting from economic growth. These rural poor and ethnic minorities are exactly who Peter’s Clinic, with the collaboration of the Dominican Sisters, aims to help.

Sadly, some traditions have had a negative impact on various aspects of life, including access to medical care.  To this day, families tend to value males more than females, and when hard times come, and families are finding it difficult to care for all their children and relatives, girls may be given up. This is more common in rural areas where life is harder than in the cities. Peter’s Clinic will focus and serve girls and women because they have less access to resources and services than males do. Also, families in Vietnam tend to donate more to orphanages with “normal” children and boys, leaving the homes for blind and disabled youth and adults severely underfunded. Peter’s Clinic will not discriminate to those in need.

The majority of health care and education provided for the poor falls on the shoulders of Buddhist and Catholic nuns within Vietnam with resources that are spread quite thin. Remembering Peter’s dream, the Peter’s Clinic organization will provide funds to establish the much needed clinics.


Medical Clinics

First location established in 2011: Giáo phận Xuân Lộc (Diocese), Xã Phú Xuân (City), Huyện Tân Phú (County), Đồng Nai (State)




We remember every volunteer, ever donor, every child, and every word of thanks. We honor the memories of the young people who wanted to live a life of service, but whose lives ended abruptly.