Peter’s Story

Peter Pham was born in San Jose, California in the July of 1988, and moved to Austin, TX with his parents when he was four years old. He was a star student in the early years of his education, but proved to be a very independent thinker in his high school career. He was accepted into St. Edwards University in Austin, and went through his International Development degree smoothly.


During his upbringing, Peter had visited his parents’ homeland, Vietnam, multiple times. In the middle of his University studies, he decided to take a break from his studies and volunteer in Vietnam with a troupe of doctors. During his stay, he taught English to Dominican Sisters in exchange for living provisions. Peter earned a reputation throughout the volunteer sectors in Vietnam as being the brightest and warmest young man they had ever come across.


In addition to volunteer work throughout Vietnam, Peter was highly involved in many activities at his parish, as well as in the community in general.  After having visited Vietnam with their family multiple times, he and his sister spoke about their plans to one day build hospitals and community centers throughout Vietnam. It was only after his return from being in Vietnam in 2010 that he promised to himself to go to medical school to become a doctor.


Peter was only a few months away from graduating from St. Edwards University, when he passed away in a motorcycle accident in October 2010 in Austin, TX. His dream would not die. His family and those that were inspired and touched by his life have stepped up to create a way to continue his dream. As more and more people learn about Peter’s story, more and more are now supporting Peter’s Clinic with their time, donations and pledge to travel as volunteers to Vietnam and assist in the upcoming Peter’s Clinics.

Remember me…

We will honor the memory of Peter Pham by giving others the opportunity to directly serve the disabled children in Vietnam by offering scholarships in the future.