Quynh’s Story

Maria Pham Nhu Quynh, Peter’s cousin, was born in Vietnam on March, 1990 and along with her parents and siblings migrated to the USA in 2001 when she was 11 years old. She quickly adapted and flourished in our community, graduating with honors from Anderson High School, and admitted to UT Austin, where she would pursue her degree in nursing.


Along with Peter, their parents and other family members, they visited their homeland of Vietnam in 2008, where they noticed the hardships endured by their local relatives, including access to bare essential medical care, compared to their lifestyle in the USA. Quynh, was a very cheerful and giving young woman, and an exemplary Christian.


In addition to her intellectual abilities she had artistic talents, was highly involved in many activities at her parish, as well as in the community in general.  Upon Peter’s death and the foundation of Peter’s Clinic, she volunteered to be the secretary. She would carry on with Peter’s dreams, and upon graduating from UT as a nurse, she would offer her services with visits to Vietnam as a health volunteer.


Like Peter, Quynh did not live to see her dreams fulfilled either, when she died on April 2012 in a boat accident in Austin, TX. Her legacy would not die, and those that were inspired and touched by her radiant and giving spirit have stepped in and are now supporting Peter’s Clinic with their time, donations and pledge to travel as volunteers to Vietnam and assist in the upcoming Peter’s Clinics.

Remember me…

We will honor the memory of Quynh Nhu Pham by giving others the opportunity to directly nurse the disabled children in Vietnam by offering scholarships in the future.