Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Peter’s Clinic! We have a very diverse group of volunteers from college students to medical professionals. For hands on volunteering first email the volunteer coordinator and then fill out a form!

  • Fundraising: We need some people to help with events
    • Planning Events (physical)
    • Implementation (online)
  • Designing
    • Web
    • Architectural (for the physical clinics)
  • Attending: Look for and join in the nearest fundraising event
  • Donating: Donate or Shop on our website

We’re looking for people to help with our fundraising events, writers for our blogs and site, and volunteers to help spread our story through our social media outlets. You can contact the volunteer coordinator at When emailing, please follow the below format:

Subject: [Type of Volunteering]_First Name_Last Name

Example: [Fundraising/Implementation]_Chantel_Pham

Are you a student? Find a student organization near you!

  help support vietnam

help support vietnam
help support vietnam


Remember me…

We build bridges between developed and undeveloped countries through resources, but most importantly, people. We remember those who want to serve others, but do not currently have the resources to.