Peter Pham’s Story

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Peter Pham is a Vietnamese American who was born in San Jose, California on July 30, 1988.

When he was four years old, Peter’s family moved to Austin, Texas. Growing up, his family would visit his parents’ homeland, Vietnam, where they would volunteer in the local community. He and his sister, Chantel, would often talk about making plans to improve the poor living conditions they saw.


Peter enrolled at St. Edward’s University to major in International Relations. He was an excellent student who was very invested in his education and was well liked by his professors and his peers.

In the middle of his schooling, Peter took a break from his studies to focus on what he wanted to do for his own future. He decided to travel back to Vietnam to volunteer independently.


During his stay, Peter volunteered with a group of doctors. He also stayed with the Dominican Sisters and taught them English in exchange for living provisions. He earned a reputation throughout the Vietnamese volunteer sectors as a bright and warm young man. Peter spent a significant amount of time with disabled children, patients, and the poor while visiting orphanages and hospitals. These experiences ignited Peter’s passion to serve the people in need.


After his seven month journey, Peter found his true calling. Inspired by his experiences, Peter returned home and promised to return to Vietnam as a doctor. He continued his education at St. Edward’s to prepare himself for medical school.


Peter was only a few months awapeterpham4y from graduating. In October 2010, Peter passed away in a motorcycle accident. However, Peter’s dream was not forgotten. In December 2010, Peter’s mother and Chantel revisited Vietnam hoping to do something in honor of Peter. With the help of the Dominican Sisters and the community, the non-profit organization, Peter’s Clinic, was established in the fall of 2011.


Peter’s Clinic will continue to share Peter’s story, continue his legacy, and help his dream become a reality. Just as Peter has inspired and touched the lives of others, we hope to make positive impact in an area in need of basic healthcare. Our mission is to raise funds to build, equip, staff, and operate medical clinics in Vietnam. Thank you for your time, donations, and pledges towards our goal.

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