Progress for Peter’s Clinic

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Last week, I met with Peter’s mother, Nancy Pham, to catch up on the progress of Peter’s Clinic.


She told me about her journey home to Vietnam. For the whole month of September, she traveled around the country to different  villages and checked on the progress of the clinic.  With the nuns, she distributed food and clothes, spent time with the children, and helped with the community.

Below are pictures she took from her trip.
We are happy to share that building progress for Peter’s Clinic is nearly finished. The estimated date for construction to be complete is November-December of 2014.

We are thrilled that the building is nearly complete, however, we are still in need of medical supplies and donations for the clinic to be maintained.

We hope to continue sharing Peter’s story and to continue working towards our goal of making his dream a reality. Just as Peter has inspired and touched the lives of others, we hope to make positive impact in an area in need of basic healthcare. Thank you for your time, donations, and pledges towards our mission.